Introducing the Service Centres Accreditation program, initiated by the Abu Dhabi Residents Office, an arm of the Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development.

Geared towards elevating service standards across the emirate, the program is designed to recognize and promote exceptional service centres in Abu Dhabi.

  • Benefits for Qualified Centres

    Service centres that meet the standards stand to reap substantial benefits:

    • Increased Customer Traffic - Experience a significant growth in customer visits, engagement and sustained loyalty, driven by the reputation of certification.
    • Prime Promotion – Ongoing promotion and mentions of your organization as a preferred service centre.
    • Elevated Reputation - Achieve recognition as a certified service centre, synonymous with exceptional quality and reliability.
    • Access to High-Value Clients – Gain referrals from ADRO, directing high-value clientele to your centre, enhancing your customer base.
    • Direct Communication Channel – Receive ongoing updates and information related to attraction visas, ensuring your service remains current and informed.
    • Expanded Network – Access to a wider network of businesses via ADRO’s partnerships.
  • Accreditation Criteria

    To earn accreditation, service centres must meet the below criteria:

    • Offer a diverse range of service packages tailored to customer needs.
    • Implement an efficient online document submission system.
    • Safeguard data security and privacy with unwavering commitment.
    • High quality of service provided and state-of-the-art space.
    • Have a comprehensive understanding of the Abu Dhabi Golden visa and other long-term residency visas
  • The Accreditation Process
      1. Application Submission – Initiate the journey by downloading the application form here and submitting your completed application to Prior to submitting the application, please ensure you have undergone an ADRO awareness session.
      2. Thorough Review - ADRO undertakes a comprehensive review of your application. The service centre will receive positive feedback within 5 working days when all criteria is met.
      3. Agreement - Upon positive outcome the service centre will be requested to sign an agreement with ADRO entering the partnership.
      4. Certification – When the agreement is signed by both partners, the service centre will receive the certification along with marketing collateral to be utilized for promotion.
      5. Validity - The service centre certificate is valid for one-year after which the service centre will need to re-apply in order to maintain the certification.
      6. Audit - Random visits for audits will take place throughout the year to verify the submitted criteria evidence.

For more information and to explore how your service centre can secure its position among the elite, we invite you to connect with the Abu Dhabi Residents Office by emailing us on

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