Living InAbu Dhabi

Living in Abu Dhabi

A Vibrant, Booming Metropolis.

Abu Dhabi is a vibrant metropolis bustling with trade and tourism. It is lauded for being a family-friendly Emirate with a pace that suits everyone.

Abu Dhabi is proud to be a place known for the friendliness and hospitality of its people, the vision of its leadership and its efforts to develop an inclusive community. On 15 December 2018, the late Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed declared 2019 as the Year of Tolerance. The move affirmed the UAE as a global ambassador for tolerance and shared humanity. Since then, Abu Dhabi has championed initiatives to bridge communication between people of different cultures and abilities. From demonstrations of religious tolerance to the protection and promotion of rights for People of Determination, Abu Dhabi has shown great capacity to be a home for all.

Today, residents enjoy living in a modern, technologically advanced city. Abu Dhabi offers an immense range of international cuisine, a variety of housing options and modes of transportation. Plus, the sun shines brightly over the city every day. From live concerts to theatrical performances and spectacular sporting events, a world of wonder awaits you.


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