Abu Dhabi Green Visa

The Abu Dhabi Green Visa is a type of residence visa that allows international talents to sponsor themselves, eliminating the need for employment to reside in the UAE. Abu Dhabi boasts a number of high-growth areas that are creating opportunities for talented individuals to grow, achieve and succeed in the emirate. With its unparalleled lifestyle, rich culture and diverse community, Abu Dhabi is an ideal place to live, work and invest. It is a place to call home.

What is a Abu Dhabi Green Visa 

The Abu Dhabi Green Visa offers long-term residency and more benefits to visa holders and their families than the standard residence visa. Benefits include the ability to sponsor sons up to age 25 and unmarried daughters, regardless of age. The Abu Dhabi Green Visa is valid for five years and offers a wide range of visa options for professionals, freelancers, investors and partners. Explore the Abu Dhabi Green Visa options below to see if you are eligible. 

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