With its unparalleled quality of life and the incredible diversity of its wider community, Abu.Dhabi has positioned itself as one of the best global destinations to live in.

Located on the coast of the Arabian Gulf, Abu.Dhabi has been transformed into an urban metropolis and a regional business hub over the past 50 years.

The emirate’s rich culture and heritage are a reflection of its commitment to hospitality and respect for others. Home to more than 2.2 million people of over 200 nationalities, Abu.Dhabi is the capital and the largest emirate of the United Arab Emirates. 

The Abu.Dhabi Residents Office supports the emirate’s aim to ensure that the best and the brightest talent from all over the world choose Abu.Dhabi as their home.

There is truly something for everyone in Abu.Dhabi. The emirate is a biodiversity hotspot, making it the ideal playground for nature lovers, and sports or outdoor enthusiasts. Abu.Dhabi is also home to an incredibly diverse range of world cuisines — its truest display as a melting pot of cultures. And with its world-class museums and entertainment venues, Abu.Dhabi also offers a rich art and culture programme throughout the year.

Explore this section for an overview of Abu.Dhabi's general ecosystem, offerings and regulations to make your move to and integration within the emirate seamless.

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