The Creative Golden Visa is offered to creative intellectuals and artists looking to enrich the art and culture of Abu Dhabi, the UAE and the world. The visa includes the sponsorship of spouses and children. 
10 years

You are eligible if you fulfil the following criteria:

    Must be talented in one of the following fields of art and culture:
    • Visual arts, such as drawing, calligraphy, sculpture, handicrafts and photography
    • Publishing, such as poetry, literature, criticism, translation and public knowledge
    • Performance arts, such as singing, music, theatrical performance, dance, films and cinema
    • Designs and crafts, such as product design, clothes, graphic design, interior design, jewelry design and game design
    • Heritage design, such as archaeology, museum organisation, records management, restoration, collections management and library management
    • Electronic games and sports, including production of games, programming and games design
    • Media, such as production, journalism, editing and publishing, photography and event management 

    Must meet at least 3 of the following criteria:
    • Minimum art-related experience is 10 years
    • Must provide a distinctive and tangible artistic production in the area of specialty in the UAE or abroad
    • Must have unique artistic abilities, documented by production forms in the specialty area or through a cover letter
    • Must have activities reviewed by critics, mass media or government or private establishments in the UAE or abroad
    • Must have remarkable contributions in improving the level of the creative economy or a sponsorship/grant through which they can do specific creative work
    • Must have obtained an artistic award or a recommendation letter from renowned and approved entities or the artist must have received a recognition medal in their field from a specialised authority that is accredited in the field
    • Must have artistic and creative works and act as a member in an international artistic organisation or association in their field of specialty
    • Must submit a letter of intent issued by a company or organisation whose headquarters are located in the emirate or a grant through which they can do their work 
    • Must have high-value artistic work published and distributed locally and globally 


    To apply, you need to provide the following:

    • A certificate by the Department of Culture and Tourism (DCT), proving that the artist has met the Golden Visa conditions
How to Apply

Click here to apply for your Golden Visa nomination through Abu Dhabi Residents Office


Additionally, applicants can also submit their application online through the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs & Port Security (ICP) at:


For any further inquiries, you may contact us via email on:

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