Abu.Dhabi’s world-class infrastructure, connectivity, diverse and sustainable economy and zero tax environment makes it an ideal destination for the best in world-class talent to work, live and play.


The Abu.Dhabi Residents Office is reinventing the way people live and work with its Remote Work Visa that provides digital nomads with the freedom and flexibility to work remotely in the emirate.


With the renewable Remote Work Visa, professionals from all over the world can enjoy residency in Abu.Dhabi without the need of a national sponsor for one year.


To begin your journey to Abu Dhabi, download the Application Checklist below and submit your details to ThriveinAD@adro.gov.ae.


For further enquiries, you can email us or call us through the following numbers:

For local (UAE) calls: 800 555 

For international calls: +971 2 666 4442 

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