With 80% of the world reachable within an 8-hour flight, Abu.Dhabi’s established infrastructure and connectivity make it an ideal location for families from all over the globe.


Ranked as the safest city in the world (Numbeo’s Quality of Life Index 2021) and the best city for expats (InterNations Expat City Ranking 2020), Abu.Dhabi offers an unparalleled quality of life to all the emirate’s diverse communities.


Parents and families play an important role in Abu.Dhabi’s way of life, economic development and social fabric.


Investors, scientists, entrepreneurs, businesspeople, artists, creatives and all others who come with their families to Abu.Dhabi and choose to call the emirate home have access to an entire ecosystem of support — from government entities to private sector stakeholders.


Lauded as the most family-friendly emirate, Abu.Dhabi offers a wide range of initiatives, programmes and resources for all parents, guardians and caregivers.


Abu.Dhabi Childhood Authority


The Abu.Dhabi Early Childhood Authority is a government entity that supports holistic early childhood development by developing laws and policies through research and transforming behaviour. Their recently launched Parents’ Platform is the first of its kind for supporting early childhood in the region.


As part of the Abu.Dhabi Early Childhood Development Strategy for 2035, the authority also launched the World Early Childhood Development (WED) Movement — an initiative that aims to develop a forward-looking plan for the Early Childhood Development (ECD) sector in the emirate.


Abu.Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge


The Abu.Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge (ADEK) has launched a Parents Resource Hub, providing parents and caretakers access to a variety of relevant policies, guidelines and other useful information to navigate the emirate’s educational landscape.


Abu.Dhabi is ranked first among the world’s 25 leading cities for its response to the COVID-19 pandemic, as issued by Deep Knowledge Group. You can read more about COVID-19 guidelines and school reopening policies here.


Both the government and the private sector have joined forces to provide a number of online and offline resources for parents in the emirate.


From parenting webinars and interactive workshops to tailored guides, general guidelines and evidence-based information, we list here some of the most useful resources for parents, caretakers and all others who are interested to learn:


Useful links:

A government entity that supports holistic early childhood development in Abu.Dhabi.

Abu.Dhabi’s principal authority in driving the sustainable growth of the emirate’s culture and tourism sectors.

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